Security Tips to Secure Your Home


Let’s establish some Basic’s

  • Outdoor lighting is very effective but only if it is motion sensor activated.
  • Secure all doors and windows. Keep the door locked at all times and if you want to leave your windows open, install secure restrictors.
  • Keep shrubs in your garden well maintained. Don’t give burglars easy cover.
  • Never leave a key out. Thieves look in all the likely hiding places.
  • Install a wide angled viewer in your front door.
  • Close and lock all outside garages, sheds and gates. No point in giving the burglar easy access to tools or ladders.
  • Always make it seem as if your home is occupied. Use timer controls for radio, lights etc.
  • When on holiday, if you have a driveway try to have a car parked in it. Ask a trusted neighbour or friend to tidy your mail regularly and if you are to have a prolonged absence try to have someone cut your lawn. Cancel any deliveries.

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Additional elements

  • If you move into a new home where there have been previous residents our advice would be to change the locks, as many people would have had the opportunity to make copies.
  • Ensure your outer doors, locks, hinges and frames are secure.
  • Ensure your patio door is properly secured with auxiliary locks.
  • Close your blinds. Don’t showcase your property to an opportunistic burglar.
  • Never leave handbags, wallets, car keys, jewellery, laptops, ipads, mobile phones, etc. lying around. You shouldn’t make the burglars decision easier.
  • Go around your house as though you were locked out and see what way you could possibly gain entry.
  • Install a house alarm or CCTV that you can monitor from your computer or your mobile phone. Cut out monitoring costs.
  • Burglars seldom search kid’s rooms.
  • Burglars knock on doors. Install a secure door restrictor. If you answer they may ask for directions or to do menial tasks around the house. Refuse. If you don’t answer, they may try your lock. Keep your door locked.
  • If you have a safe bolt it down. They won’t have enough time to open it but they might take it with them.
  • TV is a great deterrent. have small TV simulators that use very little electricity and make it appear to the burglar as if there is someone home.
  • Never put your travel plans on Facebook or Twitter.
  • If you want to leave windows ajar make sure you should have a lockable window restrictor such as the Jackloc installed.
  • Protect yourself from identity theft. Shred or burn all documents with personal information on it as identity theft is becoming more prevalent.
  • Lastly, a barking dog is a great deterrent to would be burglars.