Jackloc Window Restrictors.


Product Code: Jackloc Window Restrictor. Push and turn childproof .

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Jackloc Window Restrictors. 

We are a distributor for Jackloc Window Restrictors in Ireland. This is our new push and turn childproof restrictor, to add to our keyed window and door restrictors, they ideal for upstairs window to prevent accidents and still have egress in case of fire.

The Original Window Restrictor.

The award-winning Jackloc window restrictor has been designed to both reduce the risk of falling from windows and to improve security. Engineered and manufactured in the UK – in accordance with an accredited ISO 9001 quality system, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management – the Jackloc has led the way in window safety and is now being used worldwide.

To find out more and discover how the Jackloc range of window restrictors can help you safely and discretely secure your windows, please browse this website, contact the Jackloc team by telephoning +353 1 5044399 or +353 87 7877537 or simply click the button below and we’ll contact you.


  • Universal Fitting

Whether its wood, uPVC, aluminium, steel or composite construction, the Jackloc window restrictor can be fitted to every type of window.

o    Available with key-lockable, push-and-turn release or permanent cable operation

o    Standard range of popular colours and finishes

o    Custom finishes and RAL colours available

o    200mm cable length or customer-specified dimension


The Jackloc Window Restrictors:

are very versatile and are perfect for home, public and commercial uses. Fitted with a five disc locking barrel, Jackloc window restrictors will enhance the safety of any building. Jackloc window restrictors have been installed in many buildings including hotels, local authority buildings, care homes, hospitals, schools, universities and more. Once fitted, the window restrictors cannot be removed if fitted with our security screws. This further increases the safety, security and reliability of the lock.

At Secureyourhome.ie we concentrate on keeping burglars from actually  breaking into homes or buildings (as opposed to notifying you after the deed is done) by installing high security locks on windows and doors. We can also upgrade your glass to toughened and laminated glass and we can install hardened steel external railings and window guards.

If you are interested in a Safe Room we can build that also.

Burglars look for easy targets we ensure that it’s not you.

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Contact: www.secureyourhome.ie, email: info@secureyourhome.ie, Ph. +353 1 5044399, Mob. 087 7877537.



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