Letterbox Security Guardian


Stop Key Fishing & Letterplate Fishing!

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Stop Key Fishing & Letterplate Fishing!

Key Fishing / Letterbox Fishing is a technique burglars use to get hold of your keys, purse, handbags and more without even having to enter your property!

They simply push open your letterbox flaps and use a long hooked rod, similar to a fishing rod, to ´fish´ for your keys and handbags. Meaning they can then use the keys to just walk into your property and help themselves to anything they want before driving off in your car!

To stop hands getting through your letterbox and either hooking your keys, or opening your lock – install this security cover.

This simple but effective device is 12″/30.48 cm long and stops the inner flap opening more than 30 degrees and so stops unwanted hands being able to maneuver a rod inside.



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