Keyless Jacklock Restrictor. (Permanent)


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We are the Irish distributor for Jackloc Window Restrictors

Jackloc window restrictors have been rigorously tested and conform to and exceed the requirements of British and European Standards. Jackloc window restrictors can be installed on any type of window and any window material including PVC, wood and slimline steel W20. Jackloc window locks are available in a wide range of colours and finishes to suit any application.

Jackloc window restrictor without key. (for upstairs windows).

You simply screw one end of the restrictor to the sash and the other end to the window. There is no locking mechanism.

NB. Always leave at least two windows without restrictors for fire escape purposes. You can put window pivot security locks at the top of these windows to ensure your childrens safety.



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