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As recommended on crimeline. The Cisa Astral s security euro cylinder is one of, if not the best anti snap, bump and drill euro cylinder locks on the market. With its visible patented two high tensile steel bars and its ten pin mechanism it both deters and prevents the burglar from entering your home.

How to measure a door eurocylinder.

The size of cylinder you need is determined by the thickness of the door and handle combination, for this reason there are many sizes available and you will need to be careful that you measure the cylinder accurately (one size will not fit all). Ideally cylinders should protrude between 2ml and 5 ml but not more than 5ml on the outside of the door. At we carry most sizes from 30ml-30ml up. It is possible to measure a cylinder in the door, but to be sure it’s best to remove it first, (that is if it protrudes less than 5 ml on the outside of the door). If the cylinder is wrongly sized to begin with, measure from the centre of the fixing screw on the faceplate to the outside of the door handle plate in both directions and this will give you measurements A and B.

Measurement A – Measure from one end of the cylinder to the middle of the central screw hole (e.g. 45mm).
Measurement B – Measure from the other end to the middle of the central screw hole (e.g. 50mm).
This would be a 45/50 cylinder (95mm in length). No further measurements are required

How to fit a new door eurocylinder.
Open the door and unscrew the one fixing screw which is located on the lock faceplate (the strip of metal the full length of your door), in line with the bottom of the door cylinder. Nb. Be careful to use the right screwdriver as some screws can wring easily and if this happens you will have to drill the screw to get it out. Some doors have a small plate cover secured with two small grub screws, if this is the case remove it and proceed. Put the key into one side whilst holding the other side firm. Turn the key slightly and the cylinder should slide out, if it does not turn the key in the opposite direction and the cylinder should slide out. Take your new cylinder lock and insert the new key and turn it until the cam is in line with the body of the cylinder. Insert the new cylinder into position and replace the fixing screw. If the door cylinder is offset (i.e. 40/60, 30/50 etc) ensure the offset is protruding from the correct side. Check the operation of the lock before you close the door.



30-30mm, 30-35mm


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