Safe/Panic/1 Hour Fire Rated Rooms

Secure Your Home specializes in the design / build of safe rooms for your home. Our typical safe-room would offer a one hour fireproofed room. We can reinforce and fireproof the walls floors and ceilings. We can install a one hour fireproof security door. This room could be a bedroom or any room in the house. When finished the room would basically look the same as before and the door and frame would look the same as the one it replaced.


Typically we will meet with the client(s) to determine the specific threats and how to mitigate them. It is preferred to perform this consultation on-site as this will determine the physical restrictions associated with the design. The safe room must also incorporate such practical matters as costs and available space and the number of occupants and the time frame the safe room will be required to function for.
The installation phase of the project plays a critical role in the process, particular attention is paid to project planning to ensure that a quality system is installed in a timely manner. State of the art composites that are light weight but also offer high protection levels are incorporated into our safe rooms, this leads to the elimination of weight issues which enables us to perform retrofits of existing locations in a short period of time.

Entry Systems

Our doors are engineered to mitigate serious threats yet blend seamlessly into the surrounding space through the use of quality materials including light weight composite, high end wood/plastic veneers and then painted to match existing. Existing glass windows can be covered with bulletproof window film if necessary. Our high security locking systems are designed to offer excellent protection for the rooms occupants

How to Plan

The job can take 2 to 5 days depending on the scope of the work. Ideally it would be best to get the job done while you are away for a few days or on holiday but if there is an urgent need we can work while you remain in the house. Call us now to make an appointment.

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