Our customers are aware of our views on home security. The most important aspect of our business is to stop burglars from breaking in. We do this by installing our security products on all possible points of entry. Now we are enhancing this security with our Smart Alarm Systems.

If our customers, did not have an alarm system with shock sensors on all points of entry, in the past we recommended that they get their alarm system upgraded. Now along with our security products we can install one of our smart alarm systems ensuring that it is virtually guaranteed to stop burglars from breaking in.

Why? Firstly, it takes too long to break in because of our security products and secondly because the key holder will have been notified as soon as any force has been made. Burglars will see the modifications made and will move on to an easier target.

PSA license no. is 07397. Garda Vetted. Fully Insured.



Burglaries have reached epidemic proportions!

Are you aware that there were over 79 reported burglaries a day in Ireland during the 12 months and 28,830 in total up to the end of June 2015? We will bring you 2016 stats when availablle.
These are just the reported burglaries, the CSO feel that based on samples recorded in 2011 burglaries may have been under-reported by 20%. And these latest figures do not include property damage or attempted burglaries or burglaries that went unreported.
Over 300 of these were extremely serious aggravated burglaries. If you have concerns about the security of your home, you need to act now before you become another statistic.




The elderly are the most vulnerable members of our community. Keep your family,parents, elderly relatives and friends protected with the Ring Video Doorbell.

Secure Your Home is an Irish security company specialising in home security, supplying premium security products into Ireland and U.K. We also carry-out installations throughout Ireland.

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We will conduct a security evaluation of your home and if you are happy with our recommendations, we will be able to install the desired security products immediately.

Call today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home and family are safe and secure.

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